Alex Bennett

Software Engineer
Ruby on Rails


  • Trapeze Labs Customer & Bank Site Webapps
  • React • Redux • SASS • Webpack • NPM
  • Webapps that render multiple versions of e-commerce websites for both customers and financial institutions.
  • Dynamically restructures & restyles a rendered website for multiple brands, based on a requested config JSON object.
  • Tracks user behavior to determine when to fire pixels, display downsells, and update purchase information prior to executing transactions.
  • Stores all pertinent data in a Redux-powered global state object for easy access by all connected components.
  • IGN Show Index Page
  • Zend • jQuery • CSS
  • The hub for all of IGN's shows and proof of my familiarity with IGN's front-end framework.
  • Uses multiple API endpoints efficiently to maintain best possible time complexity while delivering all needed data.
  • Employs custom CSS to match the IGN Design Team's wireframes exactly.
  • Renders either desktop and mobile version depending on user device.
  • IGN Author Pages
  • Zend • jQuery • CSS
  • Personal pages for IGN personnel that pull and display relevant data for each personality.
  • Utilizes a 'Load More' button to add additional article and video content at user request.
  • Determines content amount and type for each page, restructuring the page styling accordingly to avoid dead space.
  • Activates mobile layout on appropriate user devices to allow for easier-to-read, interactive UI.
  • Status
  • React • Rails • PostgreSQL
  • My dream application that would have made my job 10 times easier back when I worked at an advertising agency.
  • Enables variable access to projects based on relational SQL join tables and BCrypt authentication.
  • Renders up to 5 consecutive nested objects automatically within a single component via chained AJAX requests, persisting style attributes when necessary via DOM manipulation.
  • Integrates user search functionality, which queries the PostgreSQL database and updates frontend content dynamically with each keystroke.
  • Storytime
  • React • Rails • PostgreSQL
  • An original project that explores the idea of regulating community contributions without user authentication.
  • Tracks and limits user interaction by setting and reading cookies.
  • Generates text-to-speech audio via ResponsiveVoice library.
  • Randomizes the background image on splash page.
  • Star Wars Starships
  • React • Rails • SVG
  • A recreation of a datapad from the Star Wars universe to strengthen my CSS abilities.
  • Animates SVG elements with parameters received via AJAX requests to external API.
  • Mimics CRT scan lines through positioning and z-index settings.
  • Features original style assets and emulates visual click of the Home button via CSS3 active selector.
  • Formula One Statistics
  • JavaScript • d3.js • SVG
  • A sampling of visualized data from the Formula One franchise in order to teach myself d3.js.
  • Emulates a speedometer-shaped chart with d3.js and basic trigonometry.
  • Overlays a SVG path of negative space on top of colored elements to create a image-based chart.
  • Employs Javascript animation to represent accurate time increments.
  • Martian Attack
  • JavaScript • LeafletJS
  • A strategy-based game that helped me learn how to manipulate custom maps with LeafletJS.
  • Generates a custom, zoomable map via LeafletJS.
  • Computes distance between markers and uses a simple AI to reduce it.
  • Uses game logic fundamentals to monitor and manipulate UI state.
  • Jounce
  • JavaScript • Canvas • CSS3
  • My first foray into learning Canvas, which became a Tron-inspired arcade game.
  • Utilizes HTML5 Canvas along with Photoshop to simulate an infinitely scrolling background.
  • Incorporates dynamic CSS3 styling to emulate a 1980s arcade machine.
  • Tracked player state continually and ensured that style is updated according to player state changes.
  • Fleedom
  • JavaScript • Chrome
  • The culmination of learning to build Chrome Extensions, which helps extinguish annoying conversations at your computer.
  • Enables text message sending via the Textbelt API.
  • Communicates with 3 Chrome APIs to store data, display notifications, and modify CSS.
  • Displays badge notifications upon hotkey activations.


Front-End Developer

Trapeze Labs

Fall 2017 - Current

Front-End Development Intern


Summer 2017

Co-Founding Partner & Web Developer

The Stinky Candle Company

September 2013 - Present

Assistant Account Executive on Nintendo Team

Leo Burnett

August 2014 - July 2016

Head Video Editor

BYUtv Sports

April 2012 - April 2014


Hey there.

I'm a San-Francisco-based software engineer who lives, breathes, and occasionally finds himself drowning in web development.

If that's what you're into, let's chat.

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